Tue 24 May 2022 22:27

Communications Manager




To manage all the club’s internal and external communications. Ensure good communication of ALL matters and that they are consistent, engaging and conforming to the club’s Codes and Policy. Assist other management teams to maximise the potential of the club.


Key aspects of the role


  1. Lead on all Communications.
    • Oversite of all media channels - Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, RFU website, PitchHero and GMS.
    • Manage all outgoing communication and ensure it conforms with the Club’s Social Media Policy.
    • Management of all communications.
    • Advise other team managers on best practices.


  1. Manage Communications.
  • Formulate best practices of communication.
  • Ensure regular communication with all Players, Vice Presidents and Members.
  • Ensure match reports are sent to local news outlets.
  • Ensure regular promotion of the club through all outlets, both digital and non-digital.


  1. Monitor Commercial Activities.
  • Working with the other managers to ensure all information is actioned within a timely manner and the correct message is always dispersed.
  • Assisting the other managers in their roles of communicating club activities and announcements etc.


Is this role for you?


If you have an IT/Social Media background with the ability to work with others and manage a small team:



This could be a job for you and your opportunity to help the club develop, grow, and continue to offer Rugby to all.