Tue 24 May 2022 22:26

Commercial Manager




To develop new and existing revenue streams by maximising the club and the club assets to their full advantage.


Key aspects of the role


  1. Generate Income for the club

Through a maximisation of club assets generate and maximise income for the club. Do this by establishing a good relationship with the local community and by opening the club to a diverse & wider community to use for a wider selection of functions etc.


  1. Manage Communications.

Look for companies and individuals to promote sponsorship opportunities. This should be done on a mutual benefit basis, what’s in it for the club and the what’s in it for the sponsor to enable long term partnerships.


  1. Monitor Commercial Activities.

Working with the Finance manager monitor costs for club hire, catering arrangements and all other outside activities to make the best return for the club.


  1. Manage Staff.

Manage the steward and any other staff making sure they are utilised properly and take an overview of the clubs’ presentation to potential lets.



Is this role for you?


If you are experienced in business, resourceful, good with numbers, a good communicator and negotiator you could hold one of the most important positions within the club.


This could be a job for you and your opportunity to help the club develop, grow, and continue to offer Rugby to all.